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As a king you need the strength of a warrior, the focus of pilot and the vigour of a stallion. This box is a true king aid, aiding you in you feeling like the best version of yourself from strength, focus to hormonal balance.


The herbs in this blend have been traditionally used to aid hormonal balances, including growth hormone and testosterone, aid energy, recovery, sleep, performance and focus. This unique blend is truly fit for a king. Try a box to feel and taste the benefits, you will thank yourself and those around you will thank the new you. The boost in performance that these herbs can aid not only benefit you, they can also benefit those close to you as now your energy is more intense, deeper and inviting.

No need to worry about what herbs to mix, safe places to get these herbs, we’ve done all the hard work for you, finding the most reputable and high end herb forages and combining them with the help of our in-house herbalist to create a blend to have you feeling kingly.

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These herbs have been specifically chosen for their scientifically proven benefits for men. The herbs are hand blended and mixed by our master herbalists for optimal benefits.









All 7 ingredients create
synergy for men

Known for its potent testosterone, sexual function and performance benefits. Studies show muscle strength and recovery benefits..
Studies show that ashwagandha helps with "significantly greater gains in muscle strength and size". It also aids fat regulation, male sex hormones and sexual function.
Also known as eleuthero, siberian ginseng has been shown to aid endurance, mood, reduce stress and improve cognitive power.
Stinging nettle helps men with balancing of male sex hormones, particularly DHT and testosterone. It’s a nutritional powerhouse.
This mushroom was traditionally used to aid energy, reduce stress and boost memory. It's also said to be great for aiding immunity.
Studies show that tongkat ali may boost testosterone levels, relieve stress, and possibly increase muscle mass.
Maca root can aid sexual function, drive, desire and mood. It's great taste aids to a smooth herbal powdered blend.

“10% of each sale goes to Frontline therapists to sponsor therapy sessions for men. Mental health is just one of the key pillars of Zuwa. Mind, body & spirit.”

- Paul Otote

As a king you need the strength of a warrior, stamina of a stallion and focus of a pilot.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is shipping?

Shipping is FREE within the UK. We aim to dispatch all orders within 2-3 working days of your order.

What benefits can I expect to feel?

Herbs aid the body as a whole in its own processes to achieve long-lasting effects. As well as aiding the body's natural defences, our customers have told us that they've experienced extra benefits such as:

  •  Better sleep
  •  Higher levels of energy
  •  Better digestion
  •  Reduced sugar cravings
  •  Reduced hay fever symptoms 

Please note that results may vary as each individual may respond differently. 

How often should I take this product?

Our product has been designed to be taken for 7 days once month. We recommend monthly because it's important to keep your immune system healthy.

What's included in the box?

Each box contains 7 herb vials, 1 pouch of herbs, 1 fresh turmeric root, and a FREE booklet with recommended food and immune boosting tips.

When should I start my Herby Week?

The sooner the better! Most of our customers start on the Monday following the day they receive the box. Whichever day you decide, we recommend you set a date each month and stick to it.

What if I miss or skip a day?

We advise taking each tea in a sequence of 7 days because of the compounding benefits of the diet and tea in unison. If you do miss a day, please aim to continue as soon as possible.

Can I take this with other medication?

We recommend that you speak to your GP prior to taking this product if you are taking other medications.

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