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S+X Collection

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Save with our exclusive S+X Collection bundle. In this set you have:

  • S+X Box 
  • S+X Refill Pouch
  • Lush Powder
  • Gold Spoon
  • 450ml Herby Infuser Vial

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Regular price £53.95
Regular price £105.46 GBP Sale price £53.95
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Prepare to be seduced by S+X’s delicious blend of libido-boosting and pleasure-intensifying herbs. Our herbalists crafted this bundle to address every aspect of intimacy, so all you need to do is enjoy the experience.




S+X Collection

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Herby Experience so important?

Every culture throughout history has a deep rooted ceremony around the use of herbs. The experience is celebrated, loved and appreciated not only for its physical benefits but also it’s mental benefits. Today everything is fast, quick and less ritualistic. We aim to bring back this practice through the Herby experience. Everything from the Herby rituals to the routine was inspired by cultures such as the Japanese tea ceremony, Senegal's Ataya tea ceremony and many other cultures. It's more than just the powers the herbs bring you, it’s the connection to nature, your friends and everyone who came before us. Herby is honouring nature to honour your wellbeing.