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Sexy, yes you! I see you looking at me, wondering how I can aid some Je ne sais quoi and spice, pun intended, to your sex life.

I’m blushing, hence the red… well hello, I’m a unique mix of sexy adaptogens and aphrodisiacs created to increase intensity, heighten, moisten and increase endurance.

I’m as simple as a tea spoon in hot water… to help you flow in love. Backed by science, the chocolate-ty taste is 100% natural and plantmade.

It can be easy to rush the process and not handle the excitement with care, love and patience. Lush aims to change this.

Each Lush jar contains

  • 50 grams of herbal superblend powder

  • 25 servings (approximately 2 grams or 1 ½ teaspoon per serving)

Nutritional Information (per 100 grams)

  • Energy 286 kcal

  • Fat 2g (of which saturates 0g)

  • Carbohydrate 50g (of which sugars 27g)

  • Protein 9g

  • Salt 43mg


  • Epimedium, Red Maca, Organic Cacao, Reishi, Papaya

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Lush provides just that: a luscious experience. This revitalising formula delivers the mental relaxation and body stimulation needed for great love, through its expertly crafted mix of love-boosting herbs and mushrooms.





All 5 ingredients come together to set the mood

Organic Cacao

Contains flavonoids to encourage blood flow to every area of the body. This antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient also works to raise both mood and energy levels.


Possesses the active ingredient icariin, which acts as a mimic of the hormone testosterone. Results in a natural rise in the sex drive of both men and women.

Red Maca

Offers powerful sexual benefits to both men and women. Enhances fertility, sex drive, and desire in women, while improving prostate function and libido in men.

Reishi Mushroom

Increases energy levels while reducing stress, to allow you to stay in the moment. Boasts added benefits for immunity and memory, to boost overall wellness.


Papaya has a high phytoestrogen content. Kaempferol and myricetin increase blood flow to the reproductive organs in women.

Frequently asked questions

Is Lush for men or women?

Everyone can enjoy the great taste and intensifying nature of Lush. Although it's more centred around the pleasure of women. 

 What benefits can I expect to feel?

Herbs aid the body as a whole in its own processes to achieve long-lasting effects. As well as improving your general mood (better mood equals more relaxation which means your body is more present and stimulated) , our customers have told us that they've experienced extra benefits such as:

  • More lubrication
  • Higher levels of energy and focus
  • Increase in libido

*Please note that results may vary as each individual may respond differently.