Our Story

Herbal history is human history 

At the intersection of herbal tea and the supplement world, our herbs naturally support your health and wellbeing. 
Our premium blends are handpicked and mixed by our herbalists to aid the body’s natural processes whilst giving your taste buds a treat.

We combine elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, African Holistic Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine with modern day science. Tea ceremonies are deeply ingrained in each of these cultures, dating back thousands of years. We're bringing this practice back to the modern age helping everyday people benefit from not only the herbs and the benefits they bring, but also the relaxing and mentally stimulating tea making rituals.

Who are we?

We’re Paul and Yemi, friends for over 12 years and now we’re starting a Herbolution.

Paul is extremely passionate about health and wellbeing, turning down grad schemes so that he could follow his passion into the health industry.  Since then, he’s become a certified herbalist and nutritionist, built an engaged community and has written 4 books to help people live healthier, these include Complete Herb List Guide.

Together we formed Herby Box after Yemi wanted to use herbs to improve his energy levels but struggled, spending over hundreds on the wrong herbs and feeling poorly afterwards.

“Speaking with Paul, I saw my error and started to see the real benefits from herbs. I later noticed many other people having the same issues of not knowing where to start. Since then, I quit my job in corporate finance to help create the go to brand for this issue.“

Together, we found a solution and Herby Box was born.

Life has gone full circle for both of us, Yemi’s dad is a self taught herbalist and Paul’s grandma was well versed in natural wellness. Both our childhoods involved herbs. Now we are on a mission to bring natural wellness to today’s generation, it’s a revolution of herbs. We call it a Herbolution.

With Love

We’re based in England and are committed to producing products that are vegan, ethical, GMO free and environmentally friendly. On top of this, we have strict processes and procedures to ensure our suppliers adhere to GMP guidelines.
You won’t find any fillers or bulking agents in our products. Ever.

Whether you’re new to the herb journey or well experienced, Herby Box is for you. Join the HERBOLUTION!

Please drop us a note anytime, even if it's just to say hello.

Why we're loved

Closer to nature

It’s more than just the benefits the herbs bring, it’s the connection to nature, our friends, family and everyone who came before us. We honour them when we honour ourselves with natural wellness and honour nature.

Our premium blends are handpicked and mixed by our herbalists to aid the body’s natural processes whilst giving your taste buds a treat.


A deeper experience

We combined elements of Traditional Chinese medicine, African holistic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine with modern day science. In each of these cultures there are tea ceremonies and rituals that are deeply ingrained in their communities dating back thousands of years. We’re bringing this practice to the modern age, helping the everyday people benefit from the herbs, as well as the rituals and their relaxing and mentally stimulating effects.