See what 7 days can do #HerbySelfie

See what 7 days can do #HerbySelfie

7 days can do wonders for the body, and our community has been proving it.

Some of our Herby Community members have been doing a 7-day challenge using our herbal blends and the results have been amazing.

Welcome to the Herby Selfie

A selfie challenge that visually shows the effect a 7 day Herby Week can have. 

Did you know that the face used to be the window in which health practitioners used to make a diagnosis?

Now we’re bringing this practice back and sharing the results with the world.

Just take a look below...


Karla Selfie

"Over the week I experienced a heightened mood, clearer and brighter skin, and the dark circles and bags under my eyes dramatically improved!
The taste of the tea was earthy & refreshing! I looked forward to drinking it the following day.
The booklet that came with the package was very informative and insightful.
5 stars from me!!! You got a herbyfan over here :)"

Karla, London


 "I can’t believe the difference this little green box of goodness made!
I’ve always had trouble sleeping, especially when these lockdowns started, not sleeping until 3am and waking up late.
During the week I started to feel a difference within a few days, I got quality sleep, wasn’t feeling slumped and notice my mood changed. The reduced appearance of dark circles was the first physical change I noticed!
The tea tasted refreshing and I looked forward to having it before bed. Shop bought herbal tea has nothing on herbybox!"

Chandi, London


Thelma Selfie

"My dark circles aren’t actually as bad as before, my facial rosacea is calmer, less red. I got my ‘time of the month today’ and I have to say it’s by far the least painful one since I can remember I actually can’t believe it. I’d usually be in agony on the first day.  This week has done wonders,  honestly I can’t believe it. Usually day one and two I’m lying on the sofa especially in the evenings and not able to do very much This time I’ve had pains but only slightly and it’s so much lighter than usual too."

Thelma, London


Try it out, see what 7 days can do

Get an Athene box and you’ll be sent the Herby Selfie starter pack with your Herby Box. A step by step plan that helps you eat cleaner, sleep better, stress less, look amazing, practice healthier habits and feel great using herbs.

Send in your before and after selfie and be in with a chance to win £250 worth of prizes each month.





Looking forward to seeing your selfies!

Team Herby x

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