4 Benefits Of Herbal Powders

4 Benefits Of Herbal Powders

Herbs are powerful but for a beginner it can be overwhelming. There are so many different herbs to choose, as well as a multitude of ways for them to be consumed. An increasingly popular way to consume herbs is through their dried and powdered form. This is one of the most easiest and versatile ways to consume herbs.

Powdered herbs are herbs harvested in its natural raw form, this includes their leaves, bark, stem and roots, and it's then ground or milled into a fine powder. These powders can then be combined with other herbal powders to make powerful blends.

Powders are just one form in which herbs can be consumed or utilised. Other popular methods include teas (something we’ve been told we’re the best at), tinctures, capsules and even in cooking and baking. 

So why should you try herbal powders? In this blog post we'll give you 4 key reasons why you should incorporate herbal powders into your daily routine.

Benefit 1: It’s closer to its natural form

Using herbs that have been ground and dried is similar to how you would use rice, flour or any other food that has had it's water removed. The curry powder you cook with, or the cumin and cayenne pepper, these are powdered herbs too. When using these powders the freshness and fragrance exudes as you get closer to it.

When you use a herbal tincture you use alcohol or water to extract the herb's active constituents. This means you might be missing out on the natural fibres and other nutrients within the herb. With powders, it's closer to just consuming the raw herb and it retains the natural compounds, nutrients and fibres locked within it.  

2. Absorption and speed

Preparing herbal powders at homes would mean you'll have to grind the herbs in a millet and sieve it a few times to ensure it's a fine powder. The benefits of fine powders are the particles are very small meaning the body can easily absorb it and its nutrients. 

The the process of turning fresh herbs into powders also concentrates the polyphenols and flavours making it more powerful. A big advantage over other methods of consuming herbs is that herbal powders retains the majority of volatile essential oils.

3. Powdered herbs are easy to take

Herbal powders are very versatile and convenient. They can be easily added to smoothies, juices, cereals, teas, coffees or just consumed with a shot of water. You can even cook and bake with powdered herbs, make a protein herbal pancake or a herbal cake. The options are endless!

You can also take it a step further and add it into capsules or use it in face masks, or lotions. There are so many things you can do and ways to have fun when using  powdered blends.

We will be sharing recipes with our herbal powdered blend Vigour

4. Tastes great

Powdered blends give you the opportunity to enjoy the full flavours and textures present in the original herb. It's the herbalist's job to curate and create these herbal powders for not only the therapeutic benefits but also for its deep flavours and tastes. You can also create your own powders at home and experiment.

Or save time, money and let our herbalist worry about the details so you can focus on the benefits. That's why we have created Vigour, our herbal powdered blend.

Originally seen in our Athene box we've had so many requests from people who wanted it by itself. You asked, we delivered.

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