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Ceres - Limited Edition

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Our limited edition productivity box with Infarm, the vertical farming pioneers. Using locally grown and sustainable herbs by Infarm, this box delights the taste buds, stimulates the mind and looks after you and the planet. It’s expertly crafted to aid focus and productivity.

Get your hands on this exclusive one time only collaboration, once this is sold out, that’s it!

Each Ceres box comes fully stocked with the following:

  • 10 Biodegradable tea bags
  • 7 Ceres herbal superblend tea portions in sustainable glass bottles
  • 1 Bottle of ginger root cuts for added cognitive benefits
  • The Ceres lifestyle booklet, packed with helpful health and wellness tips on productivity and how to make the most of your Herby Week


  • Tea: Burdock root, Peppermint, Nettle, Lemon Balm, Ginger

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Ceres provides a rejuvenating herbal tea experience to put you in the zone! Helping boost focus and productivity. Grown locally by Infarm, this box will only be available with us once. Get your hands on this exclusive box.





Ingredients behind this herbal productivity booster

Burdock Root

Studies show that Burdock has a positive effect on mitochondria, which is important for good brain function. Also, the strong antioxidant properties of burdock can help keep the brain healthy.

Lemon Balm

Studies show the great sleep, de-stressing and relaxing benefits of lemon balm. It’s also great for digestion and boosting the immune system.


Recent studies have shown that ginger is great for the brain and cognitive function. Not only does it add a fiery flavour to the blend but it also aids immunity, provides antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation and stress from the body.


The scent of mint is a beautiful aroma but did you know that scent has been shown in studies to improve memory and recall? And that’s before the powerful plant has touched your tastes buds and body.


Studies have shown that nettle is a powerful antioxidant (good for brain), protects brain cells and can improve mental function and memory. It’s a simple yet powerful herb for the mind and body.

Frequently asked questions

What benefits can I expect to feel?

Herbs aid the body as a whole in its own processes to achieve long-lasting effects. Our customers have told us that they've experienced benefits such as:

- More focus, the ability to stay in the zone

- Better mood, generally feelings of contentment

- More energy, feeling like you can do more

- Relax state, feeling like you’re in control

- Performance, with the energy boost, you can push yourself

Please note that results may vary as each individual may respond differently.

Why is the Herby Experience so important?

Every culture throughout history has a deep rooted ceremony around the use of herbs. The experience is celebrated, loved and appreciated not only for its physical benefits but also it’s mental benefits. Today everything is fast, quick and less ritualistic. We aim to bring back this practice through the Herby experience. Everything from the Herby rituals to the routine was inspired by cultures such as the Japanese tea ceremony, Senegal's Ataya tea ceremony and many other cultures. It's more than just the powers the herbs bring you, it’s the connection to nature, your friends and everyone who came before us. Herby is honouring nature to honour your wellbeing.