We’re truly loved by our community who use Herby to get the best out of daily life.

Some use it as a self care reminder, a daily ritual that reminds them to exercise, rest, destress and recharge. Whilst others use it for the powerful and unique combination of compounds found solely in the herbs in our blends that for optimal functional benefits like energy, stress and period pain.

Money back guarantee

We’re so confident that when you try Herby and follow the instructions in the booklet you will feel a difference. This could be faster skin healing, better sleep, more energy, less grogginess in the morning or a reduction in bloating.

We put our 2 week money back guarantee on that.


  • Document your 7 day use of Herby using pictures
  • Keep a note of how you feel each day when it comes to energy and sleep, marking it out of 5
  • If no change by day 7, send time stamped images or videos and notes  to us and claim your money back (excluding postage) or try a different product
  • No hassle, only health

Email for further assistance

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