• Right Dose

    Each bottle is hand blended & packed by our herbalists to give you the best experience

  • Perfect Mix

    Blended and prepared in London, everything we do is rooted in love & culture

  • An Ritual

    A tea making ritual inspired by Japanese, Senegalese and other tea ceremonies

  • Sustainable

    Our herb blends produce a delicate yet refreshing taste whilst being 100% sustainable

Rejuvenating Ritual

"I've been drinking the Herbal Immune Booster tea for the recommended week, and I can finally wake up without a fuggy cloud over my head. It's a must as we start to trickle back to commutes and offices"

Sunday Times Stylist

  • Choose Your Box

    Choose the Box that suits you and your needs

  • We Create It

    We'll send you your health boosting Herbal tea experience

  • Sip & Enjoy

    Just add one Herby bottle to the teabag, pour hot water and enjoy