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Throughout history, women in many cultures have used herbs to reduce period pains and boost menstrual health. It’s in the herb's names… cramp bark, ladies' mantle. Using modern science, our herbalists have blended 7 superior quality and ultra rare herbs for women and packaged them in sustainable glass bottles, measured in the right dose, to aid menstruation and pain relief. Hera provides a self care experience that uses natural herbs to support you through your natural flow. The Hera booklet in the box gives you lifestyle and dietary advice that can unlock a calmer flow, naturally.

Women all over the world are searching for natural, tasty and relaxing ways to have a calmer flow. Imagine that it was a relaxing herbal tea making experience, with herbs expertly blended together for their benefits to aid women's health, it would be a no brainer right? That’s why women LOVE Hera, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

Hera provides a 7 day tea course to realign and balance yourself, giving you a healthy boost and rejuvenating week which in turn helps with your cycle.

7 vials for 7 days, 7 days before your menstruation phase. It’s simple.

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These herbs have been specifically chosen for their scientifically proven benefits for women. The herbs are hand blended and mixed by our master herbalists for optimal benefits and taste.






All 7 ingredients help bring
about a calmer flow

Nettle is packed with iron, magnesium, vitamin C and other nutrients for women's health. Nettles also have muscle relaxing qualities which can help with menstrual cramps
Its name comes from its use as a natural cramp reliever. Traditionally it was used to help with menstrual cramps as research indicates it can help muscles and blood vessels relax.
Yarrow has been traditionally used for menstrual health and digestion benefits. It can help relax the muscles in the uterus aiding a smoother flow and healthy blood circulation.
It's in the name, it translates to lady's clock. This herb was traditionally used to help reduce the pain of menstruation and provide a smoother and lighter flow.
Early research suggests Spearmint can help balance hormones, reduce bloating and help provide some menstrual relief due to its antispasmodic properties. It also tastes amazing.
Black haw has been traditionally used to aid sleep, spasms, water retention and to help provide calmer menstrual cramps.
Ginger, along with being a tasty addition, has calming, warming, and digestive characteristics as well as helping relax muscles and cramps helping to aid a calmer flow.

How to make a cup

  • Add one herby bottle to one of the tea bags included in your Herby Box. Add tea bag to your favourite mug.

  • Boil water in a teapot or electric tea kettle, pour water over the tea bag and steep for 3-5 minutes.

  • Enjoy as is, or you can add lime, honey or agave syrup to taste.

Frequently asked questions

When should I start my Hera Herby Week?

We advise starting your week a week before menstruation starts. During your Luteal phase.

How do I prepare for my Hera Herby Box?

There are some foods to add to your diet that aid a calmer flow. Create a food list and try to buy some of these foods, look into recipes and have a rough plan for how you can eat more wholesome during your Herby Week.

What benefits can I expect to feel?

Herbs aid the body as a whole in its own processes to achieve long-lasting effects.

Our customers have told us that they've experienced benefits such as:

- Better sleep

- Calmer flow

- Less calm

- Higher levels of energy

- Better digestion

-  Reduced sugar cravings

Please note that results may vary as each individual may respond differently.

What is the science behind Hera?

Each herb in Hera was specially chosen by our herbalist for the sheer amount of scientific research that shows its positive impact on menstruation. Our herbalist took these expertly chosen herbs and put them into blended doses to optimise their benefits and most importantly taste. With over 100 five star reviews, the proof is in the tea-stimonials.

Why is Herby Box expensive?

There are levels to herbs and herbal teas. We are not a normal tea brand, we are a herbal wellness company providing you with handcrafted herbal blends rooted in science. With us you get what you pay for, quality and results.

We hand brew, hand blend and hand pack each Herby Box all here in the UK. We take special precautions to ensure you get the best part of each herb for optimal benefits and our herbalist work in a detail orientated way to ensure your experience is the best it can be. That includes vetting each bottle, combining traditional Chinese medicine, African holistic medicine and ayurvedic medicine with modern day science to provide the highest quality herbal blends. And we put far more into each vial than any other company on the market.

Although we’re expensive to some, we’re low priced compared to our competitors.

How long is a Herby Week?

7 consecutive days of the Hera blend as well as the Hera lifestyle.

Why is the Herby Experience so important?

Every culture throughout history has a deep rooted ceremony around the use of herbs. The experience is celebrated, loved and appreciated not only for its physical benefits but also it’s mental benefits. Today everything is fast, quick and less ritualistic. We aim to bring back this practice through the Herby experience. Everything from the Herby rituals to the routine was inspired by cultures such as the Japanese tea ceremony, Senegal's Ataya tea ceremony and many other cultures. It's more than just the powers the herbs bring you, it’s the connection to nature, your friends and everyone who came before us. Herby is honouring nature to honour your wellbeing.